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Fused Deposition Modelling

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Polyjet 3D printing

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Direct Metal Laser Sintering

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High Quality Prototypes and Production Parts

Our online 3D printing services leverage a network of over 80+, 3D printing machines, which means our customers get both competitive prices and fast lead times. We specialise in six processes, bringing you everything you need for custom 3D printing projects, from rapid prototyping with FDM to small production runs of metal 3D prints for industrial applications.

Karkhana.io Advantage

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    Wide Range Of Technologies

    Our vetted network of 3D Printing partners can offer SLA, SLS, FDM, DLP, Polyjet and DMLS technologies.

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    Instant Quotes & Manufacturability Feedback

    Streamline your workflow with our digital quote-to-order platform. Simply upload your CAD model for instant pricing and DfM feedback.

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    Rapid Form Factor Prototypes

    Iterate quickly on early stage designs with 3D printed parts delivered in as fast as 24 hours.

3D Printing Materials


Provides favourable mechanical properties such as impact resistance, toughness, and rigidity.

Process : FDM 3D Printing
Tolerance: ±0.2 - ±0.25mm

ABS - Like

ABS-like is our closest representation of injection molded ABS in a 3D printed material. It has the same high resolution appearance as VeroWhite, but the material is much stronger and more durable.

Process : SLA, Polyjet
±0.15 - ±0.20mm

Resin Types Available

Standard resin: Can provide matte surface finish and suitable for complex parts.
Tough resin: ABS-like properties suitable for functional testing.
Clear resin: Suitable for fluidics, optics, lighting, and any parts requiring translucency or showcasing internal features.
Durable resin: Reinforced with glass so as to provide higher stiffness and a polished surface.
Castable resin: High strength and stiffness capable of printing fine parts.
High Temperature resin: Has high impact strength, stiffness and great temperature resistance.
Rubber-like resin: Full flexibility of parts and allows for simulation between Shore 27A and Shore 90A.
Pro black: High durability, strength and excellent surface quality.


Nylon PA12: Robust thermoplastic with all-around excellent physical properties. Nylon PA12 is suitable for prototyping and even for end-product use.
G F Nylon: Glass-filled Nylon has a higher stiffness and thermal stability.

Process: SLS 3D printing
Tolerance: ±0.15 - ±0.20mm


High impact resistance, warpage resistance, low shrinkage rate and high head deflection temperature. PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) is a useful 3D printing material for mechanical early-stage prototypes. It’s a great option that merges the cost-effectiveness of PLA and functionality of ABS.

Process : FDM 3D printing
Tolerance : ±0.2 - ±0.25mm


Can be printed at low temperature, biodegradable and cost-effective. PLA is a great 3D printing material for early stage prototyping on simple geometry parts, made out of biodegradable corn starch.

Process: FDM 3D printing


Low density metal with high electrical conductivity and excellent mechanical properties.

Process: DMLS

Polycarbonate (PC)

PC has high toughness, great impact strength and machinability. PC can also be optically transparent. Heat resistant upto 135°C, highly durable, shatter resistant, transparent

Process: FDM

SS 316

High ductility and corrosion resistance

Process: DMLS


Titanium is a metal with excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low thermal expansion and high corrosion resistance.

Process: DMLS

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Get in-depth insights to improve your design for manufacturing. Choose the right material and get fair pricing for fabrication.

Build Fast. Learn Fast.

Building things is hard, it doesn't need to be slow. We speed up the process using our curated prototyping resource pool.

Quality Assurance

If a part is not made to spec, we'll make it right. From factory audits to part inspections, we follow strict processes to meet the highest quality standards.

Massive Manufacturing Capacity

From your desktop, instantly access the production capacity of over 150+ manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities and certifications across India.

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What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the object is created.
The evolution of 3D printing has seen a rapid growth in the number of companies adopting the technology. The applications and use cases vary across industries, but broadly include tooling aids, visual and functional prototypes and even end-use parts. Karkhana.io, offers an industry-leading 3D printing service. Whether you need prototypes or production parts, we can make them for you on demand in as fast as a day. We are your one-stop-shop for accurate, precise custom 3D printed parts at an affordable price.

Applications of 3D Printing

Build Concept Models and Prototyping Easily

The speed and versatility of 3D Printing lets product developers create physical snapshots of their designs through the iterative process. 3D Printing can be used to create fully-functional prototypes, complete with moving parts, as well as all-in-one assemblies.

Create Complex Parts Easily

For industries like aerospace and defense, where highly complex parts are produced in low volumes, 3D printing is ideal. Using the technology, complex geometries can be created without having to invest in expensive tooling equipment. This offers aerospace OEMs and suppliers a cost-effective way to produce small batches of parts cost-effectively.

3D Printing in Automotive

While prototyping currently remains the main application of 3D printing in the automotive industry, companies are increasingly finding other use cases, such as tooling. Greater design flexibility The ability to produce designs quickly gives designers greater flexibility when testing multiple design options. 3D printing enables designers to make quick design changes and modifications in a fraction of the time.

3D Printing in Consumer Goods

Perhaps the biggest impact of 3D printing for consumer goods lies in the potential of creating personalised products, tailored to the requirements of consumers. 3D printing significantly speeds up this process by enabling the rapid production of prototypes and models. Using the technology, product designers and engineers are able to develop and test multiple iterations and perform repetitive testing in a much shorter time frame.The ability to accelerate product development times has a direct impact on speed to market. By being able to test and validate products faster, product designers and engineers companies can speed up their time-to-market.

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Other Manufacturing Services

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