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Our DLP 3D Printing Service

Although being similar to SLA, DLP can provide more complex parts at a faster rate. In this process, a tray a photopolymer resin is exposed to light from a projector. We just require the .STEP file of your parts in order to provide DFM and speedy quote.

DLP Capabilities

Materials Standard, Tough, Clear, Castable resin, Rubber-like resin
Bed Sizes 144mmx 81mm x 150mm
Minimum Dimensional Requirement 0.85mm
Tolerance ±0.15 - ±0.20mm
Lead Time 1-2 days

    3D Printing Materials

    ABS - Like

    ABS-like is our closest representation of injection molded ABS in a 3D printed material. It has the same high resolution appearance as VeroWhite, but the material is much stronger and more durable.

    Process : SLA, Polyjet
    ±0.15 - ±0.20mm

    Resin Types Available

    Standard resin: Can provide matte surface finish and suitable for complex parts.
    Tough resin: ABS-like properties suitable for functional testing.
    Clear resin: Suitable for fluidics, optics, lighting, and any parts requiring translucency or showcasing internal features.
    Durable resin: Reinforced with glass so as to provide higher stiffness and a polished surface.
    Castable resin: High strength and stiffness capable of printing fine parts.
    High Temperature resin: Has high impact strength, stiffness and great temperature resistance.
    Rubber-like resin: Full flexibility of parts and allow you to simulate rubbers between Shore 27A and Shore 90A.
    Pro black: High durability, strength and excellent surface quality.

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    Get in-depth insights to improve your design for manufacturing. Choose the right material and get fair pricing for fabrication.

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    Building things is hard, it doesn't need to be slow. We speed up the process using our curated prototyping resource pool.

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    If a part is not made to spec, we'll make it right. From factory audits to part inspections, we follow strict processes to meet the highest quality standards.

    Massive Manufacturing Capacity

    From your desktop, instantly access the production capacity of over 150+ manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities and certifications across India.

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