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Manufacturing is a highly unorganized industry, and the process of procuring a custom part or a product is inefficient. is changing this through its technology platform: a one-stop solution for manufacturing companies and start-ups for identifying the right material and process, finding the right vendor, and seamless execution from quotation to delivery. is building a technology platform with an ambition to transform B2B manufacturing in India through digitalization of the vendor ecosystem: procurement, project management, and logistics. is developing a strong network of vendors to provide services encompassing CNC Machining, 3D Printing Services, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and Injection Molding for prototyping projects and mass production.

Our core values

To dig dipper beneath the surface, spark understanding and improve continuously
To actively listen to and understand other side, even if it is opposite to what we believe
To openly communicate your ideas, accept your own mistakes and create space for others to do the same
To maintain honesty and high moral values in our conduct

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“ is well placed to disrupt the status quo and enable production processes which are simpler, faster and more transparent”

“Karkhana takes up the pain out of sourcing for small and upcoming manufacturers”

“Startups are working to meet the demand for medical equipment

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