Manufacturing on Demand for the Automotive Industry

- Suitable for scaling from 1-10000 parts
- Offers wide variety of material
- Provides high precision tolerances

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The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, and trends such as autonomous vehicles, on-board connectivity, and hybrid/electric vehicles are catalyzing new product development. Automotive companies focussed on innovation are adapting on demand manufacturing to accelerate new product development and implement faster go-to market strategies. With on-demand manufacturing’s inherent benefits such as quick turnaround and automated feedback, designers and engineers can rapidly iterate to meet the ever growing demand for customization in automobiles. Automotive companies can build a more agile automotive supply chain. 

Why for Automotive Parts ?

Get high quality parts every time!
Rapid Prototyping

Supercharge your development cycle of prototype - test - repeat. provides you access to quick turn around for high quality prototyping in 20+ metal alloys and 50+ industrial-grade plastics.

Low Volume Production

Do not compromise on customised features that are tailored to your modern product applications. Implement low-volume pilot or short-term production runs.

Real-Time Manufacturability Feedback

Our design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback will enable you to design and iterate quickly and efficiently. Use our Engineering team like your own to discuss and finalize a part that can produce. Get parts in 1 day.

Get Quality Right the First Time

Challenges with quality and multiple reworks are quite a bummer for fast moving teams. With two stages of quality inspection and constant communication on project status, ensures that you receive parts right the first time, every time.

Fair Pricing

You get in-depth insights to improve your design for manufacturing, choose the right material and get fair pricing for fabrication.

Massive manufacturing capacity

Instantly access the production capacity of over 150+ manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities and certifications across India from your desktop.

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Automotive Parts Manufacturing at Karkhana

CNC Machining for Automotive

For certain auto components, the process of CNC machining, which involves carrying out tasks like drilling and boring with computer control and automation, now serves as a favorable option for both prototyping and production

Parts Made with CNC Machining

Engines: CNC machining can be used to create several important components of a car’s combustion engine.

Fluid system components, Exhaust parts, Bushings, Suspension components, Valve retainers

Lighting: The machining of aluminium is one of the most important applications of CNC technology in the automotive industry.

By machining PMMA, manufacturers can produce lighting for a vehicle, including both its headlights and interior lighting.

CNC Machining

Injection Molding for Automotive

In the automotive sector, injection molding is one of the predominant methods manufacturers use to form plastic parts. Some of the main use cases: 

Components under-the-hood

Exterior Components: Fenders, grilles, bumpers, door panels, floor rails, light housings, and more.

Interior Components: Interior surfaces, dashboard faceplates, door handles, glove compartments, air vents, and more

Injection Molding

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“ brings with it not just the vendor connects and know how, but also the design and engineering skills needed to prototype and manufacture completely new parts that are complex and have tight tolerance requirements.”
Bharath Patil
Co Founder and CTO
“ supercharges our product development. We are always assured a timely delivery and part quality that far outbeats that of working with unorganized players. The team is highly cooperative and knowledgeable. Would recommend working with them.”
Rohan Vadgaonkar
Co Founder and CEO
“ is reliable supplier in terms of quality and timeline for any type of machined and Plastic components.Thank you so much for doing a great work.”
Jitendra Chaurasia
Procurement Executive

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