Solve your EV company's supply chain problems with digital manufacturing

Digital manufacturing can solve supply chain hurdles faced by EV companies. Faster go-to-market can now be achieved without building any supply chain. Read more

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7 Benefits of a Fully/Semi Automatic Kitchen for Cloud Kitchens

Automation industry has evolved tremendously such that machines are able to cook 100s of recipes. Learn how kitchen automation can benefit cloud kitchens.

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What manufacturers need to know about food safe materials?

The question for hygienic food many times arises for foods prepared by cooking robots in automated kitchens. Will the metallic and plastic elements leach into food? Will it react with the food? The cooking robots are manufactured using specific materials known as ‘food-grade’ materials and in ...........

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Backbone of kitchen robots: Know these 7 amazing components?

With cloud kitchens set to becoming a $2 billion industry and quick service restaurants or QSRs poised to add an additional $10 billion by the year 2025, many kitchens will begin to rely heavily on kitchen automation in order to standardize the taste and quality of their food. Alongside IoT and other technologies, one of the biggest components visible in the kitchen will be the development and deployment of various cooking robots.

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