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Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem in India: Evolution, Challenges and the Way-forward

The blog discusses the evolution of the buyer-supplier ecosystem in India where the automotive sector is taken as a unit of analysis. The Indian automotive ecosystem is majorly influenced by Japanese, American and German manufacturing practices and currently the ecosystem is a mixture of these practices and is still evolving

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Robotics : Origins, Developments, and Manufacturing Applications

In the manufacturing and fabrication industries, robots and robotic systems have huge applications. The level of precision that can be obtained by using robotic systems in manufacturing is very high, and the same results cannot be obtained from manual operation.

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Production Linked Incentives: The impetus for On-demand Manufacturing

While the impact of PLI on large manufacturers and MSMEs is evident, a surprising beneficiary is likely to be on-demand manufacturing. Production Linked Incentives (PLI) can propel on-demand manufacturing into the mainstream, given the latter's robust, practical use cases.

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Why Start-ups Should Embrace On-demand Manufacturing

With on-demand manufacturing, start-ups focused on technology and product design can outsource prototyping and mass production, and thereby avoid the costs and time-frames associated with setting up massive factories.

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What is COVID-19 telling us about the future of manufacturing?

For a country with enormous pockets of high population density, India presents unique challenges to the COVID-19 problem, but can also create unique solutions.

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