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Curtain wall facade - Types, components, and the new digital way of custom parts manufacturing

Various types of facades are used for commercial buildings like steel facade, panel frame facade, curtain wall facade, clay facade, aluminium composite facade, precast concrete facade, etc. Out of these facades, curtain wall facades are one of the most common types of facade.

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Russia Ukraine War: Impacts on commodity market in India

The Russia-Ukraine war has created a supply shortage across various commodities and will affect industries and common people across the world. This blog provides a list of the four main impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war on India.

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All you need to know about drones: Drone parts, Drone manufacturing companies in India and Drone rules 2021

Research firm "Research and Market" estimates that India's UAV market will be worth $1.81 billion (Rs. 13,575 crores) by FY26

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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

An Electric Vehicle (EV) is a vehicle that is powered by electricity and driven by an electric motor

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 Raw material pricing dynamics: Taking a bird’s eye view using causal loop diagram

The raw material is an input good or a resource that can be converted by manufacturing, processing, or combination into a new or finished product. The raw material is an input good used by a company to manufacture its products

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Buyer-Supplier Ecosystem in India: Evolution, Challenges and the Way-forward

The blog discusses the evolution of the buyer-supplier ecosystem in India where the automotive sector is taken as a unit of analysis. The Indian automotive ecosystem is majorly influenced by Japanese, American and German manufacturing practices and currently the ecosystem is a mixture of these practices and is still evolving

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