What is Injection Molding? | Processes, Types and Materials

Plastic products are present everywhere around us which include combs, toothbrushes, knobs, toys, chairs, etc. Most of these products are manufactured using Injection Molding machines. The article covers the components of this versatile machine and important aspects related to the manufacturing of plastic products.

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What is Vacuum Casting? | Processes, Benefits & Uses

Vacuum Casting is a casting process in which a liquid material is drawn into a silicone mold using a vacuum to create complex components. The liquid materials used for vacuum casting are elastomers such as plastic and rubber.

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What is 3D Printing? How Does It Work? | Processes & More

3D printing is the idea of manufacturing a 3-dimensional object in an unconventional way. 3D Printing has not replaced the traditional/conventional methods. It is just an alternative to the traditional method

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A Comprehensive Guide to CNC Machining | Processes, Advantages, Materials, CAD & More

CNC Machining is a process wherein we instruct the plant machinery and tools to perform machining operations in a specific sequence. CNC Machining process that involves subtractive manufacturing in which the layers of material are removed from blank/workpiece to produce customized parts.

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A brief understanding of Rapid Manufacturing

You might be thinking that it’s 3D Printing. NO, it’s not the same. This technology has made rapid manufacturing possible. Rapid manufacturing is a broader term. When we use rapid prototyping technologies for manufacturing end-use parts we term the manufacturing process as rapid manufacturing...

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