High Quality & Timely Turbine Blade Manufacturing

- Turbine blades and vanes for thermal / nuclear steam turbines
- Offers wide variety of material
- Provides high precision tolerances

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Machining complex and critical components such as turbine blades requires a well-worked out machining strategy with continuous improvements are crucial to productivity and subsequent processes. Innovative approaches and a team well versed with various machining operational capabilities are the only ways to meet the challenges involved especially the rotating blades. 

Manufacturing Service for Turbine Blades

Roughing the blade rhombus and aerofoil, especially of medium-sized blades, from blanks, to achieve the basic blade form is often at the center of attention as it represents the bulk of machining. Many of these are made in martensitic stainless steel but blades are also made in Duplex, HRSA and Titanium.
These operations have seen a number of different solutions through the years and with the advancement of tools, design and manufacturing technologies. The best balance between feed, depth of cut, RPM and selection of right tools as well as the cutting forces generated should be established to achieve optimized performance, safety and results.

Why Karkhana.io for Turbine Blade Machining ?

Get high quality parts every time!
Rapid Prototyping

Supercharge your development cycle of prototype - test - repeat. Karkhana.io provides you access to quick turn around for high quality prototyping in 20+ metal alloys and 50+ industrial-grade plastics.

Low Volume Production

Do not compromise on customised features that are tailored to your modern product applications. Implement low-volume pilot or short-term production runs.

Real-Time Manufacturability Feedback

Our design for manufacturability (DFM) feedback will enable you to design and iterate quickly and efficiently. Use our Engineering team like your own to discuss and finalize a part that Karkhana.io can produce. Get parts in 1 day

Get Quality Right the First Time

Challenges with Quality and multiple reworks are quite a bummer for fast moving teams. With two stages of quality inspection and constant communication on project status, Karkhana.io ensures that you receive parts right the first time, every time.

Fair Pricing

You get in-depth insights to improve your design for manufacturing, choose the right material and get fair pricing for fabrication.

Massive manufacturing capacity

Instantly access the production capacity of over 150+ manufacturers with wide-ranging capabilities and certifications across India from your desktop.

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“Karkhana.io brings with it not just the vendor connects and know how, but also the design and engineering skills needed to prototype and manufacture completely new parts that are complex and have tight tolerance requirements.”
Bharath Patil
Co Founder and CTO
“Karkhana.io supercharges our product development. We are always assured a timely delivery and part quality that far outbeats that of working with unorganized players. The team is highly cooperative and knowledgeable. Would recommend working with them.”
Rohan Vadgaonkar
Co Founder and CEO
“Karkhana.io is reliable supplier in terms of quality and timeline for any type of machined and Plastic components.Thank you so much for doing a great work.”
Jitendra Chaurasia
Procurement Executive

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